Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Rise up!

Was it just a matter of timing? Had the establishment judged that after a few years of Major, thirteen years of New Labour and ‘heir to Blair’, David Cameron and his tea boy Clegg, that the British spirit had been sucked dry? Had sufficient beatings been administered to the frothing, rabid, Nazi hordes among the UK population that their heads were bowed and their resolution diminished to the point of acquiescence? Would they finally do as they were told? Were they sufficiently stupid yet?

The softening up of the population has been going on for decades and has accelerated during the last twenty. Examples abound: The championing of rights above responsibilities. Soft justice meted out to hard criminals while new confected ‘hate crimes’ criminalise a substantial proportion of the population merely for having an opinion. Being old-fashioned is now a sanctionable offence (whatever happened to our cultural sensitivities?).

Then there is control of the message, popularised by Goebbels and again by Blair and by now endemic. Certain views may not be aired; certain speakers must not be heard. Universities crumble before their Marxist student unions and allow the cancellation of events and the no-platforming of individuals who have committed no crime. Ears are clamped shut against views that are not approved. Social media platforms close the accounts of those with whom they disagree and the mainstream news media fail to report faithfully on events that don’t meet with their approval. (Even the Daily Mail, a formerly Brexit-supporting organ – has succumbed to the groupthink and today published an outright lie as its headline.)

And now, in the middle of the ungainly propaganda campaign to push through Theresa May’s capitulation to the European Union, failed former MP, now Baroness Warsi (how the establishment loves to reward unpopularity) is pushing a move to make ‘islamophobia’ a specific hate crime. As Douglas Murray points out in the Spectator, this entire enterprise is a crock. Far from being a crime, islamophobia ought to be the nation’s rallying cry against our annihilation as a culture.

Did they all misjudge the time, though? The referendum would never have been granted had David Cameron and his advisors imagined, for one second, that we would disobey. Has the regressive and oppressive instinct of the left to silence all dissent backfired? Maybe the reason they thought they had won was because we all knew that to murmur opposition was to invite opprobrium. Maybe the silent majority, so named because in earlier years they had no means to be heard, had chosen to be silent, but still remained the majority. The pollsters’ excuse for failure, the ‘shy Leavers’, held a dignified answer to the shriek of the empty vessels and the answer was ‘no more’.

This is why Brexit is about so much more than being a part of an unaccountable political power bloc, it is about the ability of the British to govern themselves and there is still much work to do. On the 9th of December a pro-Brexit march is planned to advocate for a clean break from the EU. This is neither motivated by hatred nor some blind following of demagogues, it is the clear will of millions of ordinary, non-politically motivated human beings.

But look who's coming to the party. The activists of the organised left are being urged to counter-demonstrate. David Lammy, Owen Jones, Antifa, Tell Mama, UaF, the muslim council. Can anybody doubt that the intention is to foment violence and then allow the media to represent the peaceful hopes and aspirations of the actual majority as the work of far-right forces? Can anybody doubt that the establishment will quietly chuckle as their drones do as they are programmed?

Go ahead... make our day.

Is there still fight left? Have they miscalculated and is there still true British blood running through veins, pumped by hearts beating in time to Rule Britannia?. Please say that the effect of all the vicious invective has not been to win hearts and minds but to set hearts and minds against the ruinous policies of those who think themselves progressive. Our powder is still dry and now the adrenalin is flowing. It is time to get out on the streets and be silent no more.

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  1. I hope you are right and the people rise in support of brexit. Problem is those same people had the chance to vote for real right wing policies but chose instead to vote for the same old faces. Some did salve their conscience by voting for the government approved safety valve UKIP. So far so good but as soon as the result was out good old Nigel ran for the hills,job done! Now the safety valve party is in ruins leaving, yes you guessed it, the same old faces in Westminster. How good old Nigel has the front to still be spouting his pious but insincere rubbish day in day out is a real mystery.