Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Hip to be fooled

Meet Rastus. Rastus thinks of himself as a bit of a hipster. A few years ago Rastus would have been called a trustafarian. Rastus doesn’t know this because he is too young to know anything very much. What Rastus does know is that it is wrong for him to enjoy white privilege, just because he was randomly born white instead of a more noble pigmentation. Rastus hates his parents for not being mixed race. Rastus would be very embarrassed if he was old enough to know that Rastus was a name often used in the past by racist comedians to ridicule black men. So, because we know better than Rastus, we’ll call him Mike... which is what his parents christened him.

Mike rejects Christianity because it is the religion of hate and division. He embraces muslims because they need his support. They are misunderstood and so Mike occasionally stands with his friends and cheers on other white people holding placards saying nice things about muslims. The muslims suspect Mike and his hipster mates of being homosexual and would throw them from tall buildings, given half the chance. Mike thinks it is important to embrace other cultures. Other cultures think it is more important that they throw Mike and his friends from tall buildings.

Diversity is the most important thing of all and in order to make diversity work you have to enforce it. Because, as everybody over the age of fifty knows, with the possible exception of people like Jon Snow, diversity creates division. Which is odd, when you think about it because the people who love diversity the most also seem to hate it when politics is said to be divisive. If only others could be like Mike and educate themselves to not only not see this, but to see the inability of others to hold two opposing concepts as simultaneously true, as backward and deserving of change through re-education.

But help is at hand. Academia – the world of much cleverer people than you or me – is doing its utmost to invent, study and legitimise the assault on base ignorance. When their project is complete, white males without dreadlocks or veganism will be required to demonstrate their adherence to the multiple faiths of the inclusion industry, preferably by throwing themselves off a cliff and saving others from taking the trouble. And woe betide those that scoff at the new orthodoxy.

If you haven’t noticed the rise and rise of hateful hypocrisy on the left then you must be on that side of the fence because from the viewpoint of the average man it is staggering. Labour ministers who can denounce private or other selective education while expensively schooling their own. Commentators who eulogise about the multicultural Babel they have made of London, while tweeting from their cosy Cotswold enclaves. And everywhere the relentless assault on the perfectly reasonable desires of ordinary people not to be made refugees in their own country.

We are women, we are everyman...
It's diversity if we say it is...

Say a word and it’s a hate crime. Observe the world as it is and not how they tell you it is and it’s a hate crime. Even overtly trying to do or say the right things when they can look into your very soul and declare you are faking it will soon be a hate crime. Just keeping up with what is now verboten can induce anxiety and mental strain and this may be your only way out of a hate charge. “Yes, your honour, I cannot bear the burden of my privilege and it has driven me mad. I plead insanity... and may god have mercy on my soul.”


  1. The title of my planned new film is a cunning play on the title of Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph of the Will." It will be called "Triumph of the Won't"

    This will feature the full force of 'State Insistent Liking Legions of Yoofs' -- also known as SILLY -- where we have to openly like people who don't like us, but are spared because they are 'Yoofs' who cannot know anything because (a) they have not been educated, (b) they are not British and (c) they - despite being advertised as impressionable teenagers -- are all over 25 and hate Britain (Incidentally, I know people who have taught these foreign-born teenage 'Yoofs' and tried hard not to note the grey hairs appearing in their beards.)

    Anyway, the cunning name I have decided upon is that these people won't like you whatever you do, won't appreciate whatever you give them and won't integrate because their cult won't like it. The only diversity is in all the ways they look down on the white peoples of these islands.

  2. I think the correct reply to being called a racist is, "So what?"