Thursday, 13 October 2016

Ferry Tales

I’ll start with Lily Allen. Or is it considered bad form to speak ill of the brain dead? Yesterday she invited ridicule by apologising for the British at an orchestrated howl-in in Calais: ‘Theenk of ze cheeldren!’ she admonished. But think of the tip of the iceberg, I would reply. They are in France, but they are not French. They are certainly not British and they have crossed through several safe countries to get there, where – and I really can’t be any clearer here – they are not welcome. They are alien in every sense of the word and the only thing we know for certain is that they hail from a culture whose guiding principle is anathema to every decent moral of the west. Insofar as we should consider their existence at all the word cockroach is not inappropriate.

These ‘poor children’ are the ideological means by which purchase may be found for the crowbar to prise open the gates. And just as parasites find apparently harmless ways into their host, once the eggs are laid and they multiply it can be almost impossible to eradicate them. Eradicate? Yes; ‘destroy completely; put an end to’. Because it will be us or them in the end. If you think not then try visiting any number of formerly British towns which now look like Middle Eastern war zones. Those places look like that because they made them look like that; insular enclaves of invading species that do not share our cultural DNA but hungrily consume what we provide.

You see, that’s how it works; offer an inch and those you are negotiating with will take every yard you have, which is why Theresa May must not be cowed by Labour’s demands for a parliamentary vote on the terms of Brexit. Claiming that the vote didn’t mean what those who voted for it thought it meant, they want nothing more than – while saying they want the opposite – to overturn the will of the people. And to their shame, the Tory Remainders (the new bastards) are happy to ride Labour’s coat tails if it gives them a chance to dictate to the little people what they should say and think and do.

In attempting to deliver the softest of soft Brexits, indistinguishable from full membership except perhaps for the lack of influence (although we saw precious little of that, so in fact no change at all) they refuse to accept the sub-text of the vote. As Nigel Farage has repeatedly said, this is nothing more than Parliament versus the people because the people didn’t do the right thing. To this end they are ramping up the fear rhetoric all over again, enlisting willing allies in industry and finance to threaten doom, in the hope that even those who voted to leave might be shamed into believing they are condemning their fellows to penury, just as Lily Allen and he bleeding hearts prey on our naivety.

This is fearmongering claptrap and precisely 
why Parliament must not be allowed to 
overturn the express will of the people

But Mrs May must hold firm to her promise; the lady must not be for turning. Imagine a poker player saying “Oh look, full house!” and then wondering why he didn’t go on to win the game. The remainders are crowing about the value of the pound, about Unilever, about that obscure foreign bank that has mumbled something about moving out of London. This isn’t economics at all, it is politics, but if your house is built on sand... If necessary we bite the bullet, take the strain and rebuild everything on firmer foundations. And those who don’t like it, well tough; they can always get on a ferry to Calais.

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  1. Right on the money with the 'them or us' rhetoric. As European, and in particular Northern European cultures and demographics are broken up, we see nothing but rejoice from minorities and the insufferable retards of our own kin.

    No matter what the globalist governments do, they can't ever hope to hide the truth of mathematics. Even the most die-hard white self-hating pinata liberal must see what is going on, and when these various almost assured inter-ethnic troubles start they will have to face the hard truth...

    My kids, or their kids. Well I sure as hell won't not choose my kids.