Thursday, 6 October 2016

Reap the Whirlwind

If you wanted examples of how far the left have gone to turn into a pantomime version of themselves, yesterday was a joy to behold. Following a rousing conference closure in which Theresa May channelled Thatcher at her most potent the ‘progressive’ world took to social media to rend their garments and put on a display of abject socialist moronry the like of which hasn’t been seen since... well, since last week at the Labour fringe.

Tim Farron, as if to prove his inability to grasp anything at all, let alone the levers of power tweeted a propos of nothing, “I am a proud Northerner, Brit, European and citizen of the world. How dare Theresa May tell people like me we have no identity.” To which the good tweeters responded with hoots and jeers and suggestions he take up residence elsewhere in this world of which he holds citizenship. The word irrelevant cropped up more than once.

Owen Jones’ reaction to Amber Rudd’s proposal to make companies disclose the profile of their work force, as many European countries do, was to declare that there was a “special place in hell” for her and other politicians who “incite bigotry for political gain”. Again and again the response of the left was a bleating insistence that Hitler had risen again and was stoking up the furnaces and commissioning the gas chambers anew... and that such people ought to be violently disposed of.

An appropriately named – if slightly misspelled - Joe Moran coined his own rousing slogan with “Our Full English Brexit is now served with two rashers of bigotry, grilled ingratitude, scrambled economics and a bottomless mug of delusion.” Oh, the irony. In fact, the more I read that oft-retweeted ode, the more I am reminded of doublethink and the plight of these hostages to their own fragile belief systems.

I went to bed to the strains of listeners phoning Ian Collins on LBC to regale him with stories of jack-booted Stormtroopers marching down their streets and lynching anybody without a British passport, stamping on babies’ heads and punching and bayoneting the sick and elderly... in their fevered dreams. It is almost as if they actually wish for all this stuff to happen. The words ‘fascist’ and ‘Nazi’ tumbled from the lips of a succession of dribbling loons, as they called in from their cosy parlours in quiet, safe, tidy, suburban streets.

The left-wing world has driven itself quietly mad. Hypocrisy is endemic as it simultaneously demands free speech yet stamps down on any utterance it deems hateful. And given that it hates itself so much, many of the targets are the very people it should defend. In particular, there is one thing the left appears to hate more than anything – success. Indeed the Labour Party has utterly rejected every element of the Blairite years the only period, they might like to ponder, that they held power since almost forty years ago.

And as the left’s hysteria rises, as the social justice warriors and NHS liberators (I’m never sure what they think they are saving the NHS from) sing battle hymns from the picket lines, imagining that the honks from disrupted commuters is universal approval; as they tell themselves, even as they stand in the cold, that the world is on their side and that their imaginary war against the will of the majority is righteous, how are they thanked for swallowing the fairy tale and crying wolf?

No, really, it's the way I tell 'em. No YOU shut up!

Some people will never be happy until they are forced from their beds at dawn and loaded onto cattle trucks, to be driven at gunpoint to the Job Centres. In their imaginations their lives will be spent in bleak gulags under sentences of hard labour, or as the rest of the world calls it, work, which is the engine of all that hated success. Meanwhile, in Florida, thousands are being evacuated before their homes are flattened by Hurricane Matthew. I suppose that will be Theresa May’s doing, too.

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