Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Yesterday’s People

Diane Abbott and her ilk constantly complain that the prospect of Brexit has increased hate crime. They claim that the vote to leave the unhappy union has ‘given permission’ for people to express formerly suppressed racist, homophobic, islamophobic, sexist and otherwise bigoted views. Every faintly plausible hint of animus, however expressed, has been taken into consideration, used in court in evidence and the verdict has been the ignorance and low intelligence which they insist is the only reason for the referendum outcome. This is a drum that has been banged daily by all those who so vociferously campaigned to stay in chains.

Well the converse is also true. The actions and rhetoric of Gina Miller, Jolyon Maugham QC, Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, AC Grayling, the New Labour Khmer Rouge and now the assembly of placemen in the House of Lords have given permission for Remainers to mount perpetual challenges and use the most pejorative language to describe out-voters whose very existence they hold in contempt. Voltaire would be spinning in his grave as the likes of Alastair Campbell pop up on national television to tell us how very stupid we are, dismiss our concerns out of hand and deny us a voice.

But, if you think about it their hypocrisy their doublethink and their perpetual tantrum is hilarious. I feel as if I’m in the other room with the adults, listening to a spoiled infant loudly chucking its toys out of the cot, trashing its room because of some imagined slight. It’s like watching a dirty protest in action and knowing that this time the inmates are not going to be cleaned up after and disinfected by others. If the Darwin Awards were based on the level of socio-political cognitive dissonance and fantasy on display we’d have plenty of entrants, because they are all flailing away at thin air, committing political seppuku to no purpose; there is no enemy. 

The winners, those of us who voted to take back our country from the uncomfortable alliance of unproductive agendas, are getting on with things just as we got on with the vote. We’re back at work, earning our living, feeding our families and generally trying to be part of the solution to whatever ails us. We had our say, we exercised our democratic rights and despite the constant attacks on our integrity, our motives, our very patriotism, we haven’t turned out in counter protest. Because, until the threats of second and third and fourth referenda, bill amendments, overturning the vote, etc are realised, we know that all of it is just luke-warm air.

Helpful advice for Remoaners...

Of course, we will have an entire generation of malcontents, cutting off their noses to spite their faces, refusing to entertain the notion of personal responsibility for their fates and blaming every last bit of bad news on Brexit, even as that event fades into history. The Remainers will soon take the place of the now dying breed of Thatcher-haters, squandering their own potential in an orgy of finger pointing and blame laying. Let them. They are irrelevant. They are the past and independence is the future. They could do us all a favour and leave the gene pool.

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