Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Zoo Quest

Marshall McLuhan said, “Control the media. Control the message.” Control the message, judged Tony Blair, control the sheeple. Oh, how easily he and his media team must have groomed the BBC and others to carry out its bidding. And how they must have hated the rise of social media, whereby alternative messages could rise and compete with the party line. But, lest you forget and forgive the party line was and remains among the deeply indoctrinated, thus: ‘Multiculturalism can only be good’. ‘Love thy neighbour above thine own’. ‘The English as a race are not worth saving’. ‘The problem is white men’. ‘Red rosettes good, blue rosettes bad; Tories are evil’. ‘We need immigrants because we are not capable’.

Under the New Labour project the metaphorical Tannoys crackled to life at the appointed hour and the assembled throngs bathed in the sound of their glorious leader. They all cheered because the voice told them that things could only get better and as they got worse they cheered all the louder because the voice told them that only racists couldn’t see the fine new clothes. Fists pumped the air in the party salute as the voice led the party prayer to the sacred NHS and welcome mats were lovingly woven and laid out to welcome in our saviours. Immigrants good, indigenous bad. Replace our own huddled masses, distort our loyalties.

While those who have grown up through the last twenty years are poorly equipped to critically examine the world, enough sound-bites and headlines, scraps of speeches, reportage and memories exist to support a plausible population replacement programme theory. Plenty of retrospective warnings have been examined and - taken at face value - speak of a deliberate plan to punish European cultures for their historical successes. But none of them make sense unless you buy into global conspiracies such as one world government, common purpose and lizard people. And yet...

The message controllers say they stand for Peace and Love and preach against the politics of the common man, the politics of Fear and Hate. But what if what we are hearing and now seeing from Sweden is exactly what it looks like? Because it looks to me like you would be well advised to fear the massive influx of what Pat Condell calls third world muslim men, who genuinely appear to hate us.

Donald Trump was slated by the media worldwide when he made reference to Sweden’s problems and their Prime Minister bent double to play down the issues. ‘Fake News!’ they cried. But whose fake news? If Donald Trump is so stupid, as they insist, that he believes fake news, how come he is also clever enough to use fake, fake news to confound his opponents? Who knows what’s real any more? Well, I’d say the people under attack know what’s real, the indigenous citizens undergoing self-imposed nightly curfews in fear of their lives.

They look pretty wild to me.

And anyway, if islamic African culture is so much better than ours, why risk diluting it with our worthlessness by bringing them here? Surely, you saviours of multiculturalism – which, of course, really means any culture except white European – would be better to put your energies into preserving those precious diversities in their original habitat, rather than risk infecting them with the ‘diseases’ of civilisation. After all, zoos have fallen from grace of late; so disrespectful to be gawping at animals in captivity. If you genuinely care for islamic culture you should be lobbying to return those exotic species to the wild


  1. Why does that shouty guy have a big knob sticking out of his head?

  2. Ah, Sweden. Here's the thing. If trump had just said "look at Sweden" instead of "look at what happened in Sweden last night" then he would have been on more solid ground, because the MSM was able to say, perhaps with justification, that there was nothing unusual happening in Sweden. Which, in a sense, there wasn't. it was just your everyday story of sporadic low level rioting, women being warned not to go out on their own, and no go zones.
    I will come back to that, but the MSM frenzy was informative. My brother (who is neither as smart as he likes to think) looked at his news feed on his iphone and guffawed.
    "look at this," he chortled "Trump has just said there was a terrorist attack in Sweden. And there wasn't one! JHe just makes things up".
    I heard the same elsewhere. Because nobody bothered to read the speech or listen. Trump did bot mention a terrorist attack at all. But the MSM span it that way. In short, misreport what he said, ridicule the misreport. And, above all, don't mention the facts.
    Those awkward facts. What is going on in Sweden is:
    A huge rise in violent crime, assault, drug dealing and murder. A huge rise in rape, including some vicious gang rapes. Constant sexual harassment. Something like 52 unofficial no go zones. Constant low level civil disorder, car fires and fights. Women being warned by the police not to go out after dark. Migrants who are charged with sexual crimes habitually claim to be under 18, an are given extra ordinarily lenient sentences. Constant rumours of police being ordered to suppress records of crime. Policemen who have spoken out being charged with the ubiquitous "hate crime".
    In short, the world's first self proclaimed Feminist Government has inflicted sexual violence on its host population. And then toddles off on mas to Tehran to adopt Sharia compliant dress.
    Meanwhile in Paris...nothing happening, apart from the daily, largely unreported riots.
    And you ask why people voted Trump, Brexit...????
    I saw a report today - I can't verify it, I have a JOB and a LIFE - that the smooth French Presidential candidate had said "there is no such thing as French Culture".
    It's the sort of thing I would expect the colossal fucking twat cunts that have been running our lives for the past 50 years to say. And it is, of course, wrong. The French have culture, history and courage.
    I think people have had enough. I think - whisper it - Le Pen will win.

  3. Addendum. I think he was saying there was no such thing as a specific French cultural identity. He was, oof course, utterly wrong. Fucking twat.