Tuesday 27 September 2022

Conference Crazy

Based on the notion that my enemy’s enemy is my friend, the last few days of the new Conservative government upsetting ‘all the right people’ I’d say it’s been a spectacular success. In fact, ‘upsetting’ is a massive understatement, if that isn’t a contradiction in terms, going by the sheer incandescent rage of many of the offended. A week or so ago, Barry Sheerman, a Corbyn lickspittle of cartoon proportions, amused me with this tweet:

Of course, to people like Barry Sheerman, Ed Miliband was practically the National Front, so heaven knows what he thinks of Liz Truss. Actually, this knowledge isn’t exclusively vouchsafed to heaven – he thinks she is ‘literally Hitler’. But this, as ever, is how they divide us. Stick on a label and turn on the condemnation. Am I labelling Barry? Of course I am, but as the left are quite convinced of their own perfection, this is not a label he would object to.

The left do love their labels, and so does the press. Slogans, dogma, trite placard-bound inaccuracies, or outright lies – the veracity plays second fiddle to the satisfying anti-Tory sentiment. The fall in the value of the pound was leapt upon with glee by our partisan journos, describing the over-the-weekend drop in the most catastrophic terms, yet ignoring almost completely the bounce back to a little below where it was before the mini-budget.

But the commentators need little encouragement to trot out their flimsy forecasts and their condemnations. The man in the street neither knows nor much cares about economics, fiscal policy, constitutional fripperies, science, engineering, sociology… politics, even. In fact the very reason people like Giorgia Meloni in Italy are elected is because the chattering of the political elites sounds to the world at large like nothing so much as people with an inflated sense of significance telling us all how we should live our lives.

The last few years of Farage, Brexit, Trump, Oban, Johnson and others only became inevitable because of the total disconnect between the self-appointed ruling classes, the political dynasties and their flag bearers and the rest of us; those who have to live with their stitched up, cabalistic policies. Given no palatable offering but witnessing the ever increasing dismantling of the settled order of family, community, country, it is obvious to the thickest of we peasants that we have to resist.

The attacks on the right always takes the form of shouting Mussolini et al, and some nebulous charges of capitalist cronyism, but the leftist agenda is always predicated on imposing the most egregious of unfounded societal structures on people who want or need nothing to do with them. Call us racists, xenophobes, homophobes, etc, all you damned well like, it still doesn’t make it true.

As the Labour Party conference comes to a close and they all pat each other on the back for a job well done, cheering the latest polls which put them ahead on many issues, they might want to embrace a genuine truism; opposition is easy. Easy as hell. Aided, abetted and emboldened by the press, the commentators, the pontificating economic forecasters and of course the BBC, those who would terminally dismantle our society are going to demonstrate to us all exactly how much they despise us. And in two years’ time let us hope the electorate rejects them once again.


  1. Coowee Battsby, Flavell here, hope you’ll find a way back to twitter, if you can be bothered. Cheers! G

    1. Hi Gillian! Twitter has suspended me forever... again. But I've been reading what I am able and it turns out that without my friends and followers the diet is all woke and wet as hell. Truly dreadful!